Buddhist temple

Address:Yongjiang River’s Riverside, Qingxiu District, Nanning 530000, China
Phone:+86 771 556 0662

Nanning Confucius Temple

Address: No.9 Qinghuan Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning 530000, China
Phone: +86 771 553 1030

Qingxiu Mountain Temple

Qingxiu Mountain in Nanning is about five kilometers to the southeast of the Yongjiang river, which is known as “the giant lung of Nanning”. Qingxiu Mountain, also called Qing Mountain, it is famous for the plants and beautfull scenery, and is a main entertainment place for Nanning people. It consist of several mountain ranges, like Phoenix Moutain. it is hard to walk to the top especially for kids and the old, so you can take a sight-seeing bus to the top. There is a famous scenic spot named Longxiang Pagoda, it has nine floors and was built in Ming Dynasty, in the world war 2, japanese destoried the pagoda, and this one was rebuilt in 1980s. The mountain is not very high but very beautfull, and the water there are very clean and clear.